Salesforce is the best Customer relationship management tool. You can implement Salesforce for doing accurate business management, empowering sales, closing deals, and many more. While Salesforce is a great investment for customer management. Moreover, the salesforce derives more value to the workforce and enhances productivity.

As in the vast business world the niche of businesses are different so, to work in your business niche the salesforce launch the different integration but without the tools, you can leverage its benefits so, at that time salesforce integration tools comes in a pictures

So, before learning its Tools let me shed some light on the use of Salesforce Integration tools

Salesforce integration tools can allow you to share the information or data that you collect in the other system of salesforce. This makes the information flow in the system for instance if any person in the department needs information even non-salesforce users can access the information. Moreover, it allows answering the question swiftly, identifying the customer need, and help to get data-driven decisions. If you are looking for business growth opportunities then integration is essential.

Aero Leads

Aero lead is the sales intelligence and prospecting software that works marvelously with salesforce CRM. Integrating Aero leads with Salesforce you will get phone numbers, social media platform emails so, you will be able to make continuous contact with your customers. As this becomes the basic need in today’s business.

Moreover, by adding or entering the name of a prospect or company you will get useful information such as contact details, business emails, job details, first name, and last name while you can also use Aerolead by installing in your chrome plugin.


Rapidi is one of the most famous robust integration tools that use pre-configured templates that integrate salesforce with the Microsoft Dynamics ERP. You do not need programming to integrate Rapidi.

Its most important feature is synchronizing the field with displaying and storing useful ERP data in the Salesforce application. Moreover, you can also use the report template and dashboard to customize or present the data.


Mulesoft is owned by salesforce as it is known as a high-end API integration Platform. It deals with complex enterprise-level applications. Mulesoft is considered a flexible application that provides easy integration.

Mulesoft is the platform that connects with ERP solutions such as Clarity PPM, Netsuite, and SAP. for using Mulesoft you need technical experts to deal with integration if you are the one then it’s great. In addition, if you wish to integrate Mulesoft, it is more ideal for enterprise rather than small business.


Jitterbit is a wide integration platform that is mostly used in the high-end market. The businesses which have varying size and different systems then Jitterbit offer API integration. You will get all Jitterbit solutions on the single digital platform that is also called harmony. Jitterbit provides fast solutions and quick results by using cloud or hybrid models.

Moreover, Jitterbit focuses more on problem-solving and helps businesses to reach their goals. Hence Jitterbit works more defined for the fast-growing and larger businesses by providing more flexibility.

Adobe Sign

We can denote Adobe sign as a time saver. In your business, the administrative process will reduce with the help of Adobe sign you can manage the internal process and approval of business. Moreover, you can send, create, sign the agreement on the CRM platform without leaving your desk.

The Adobe sign automation streamlines the process by using the information with salesforce that fills the document automatically In addition this platform enhances employee mobility and collaboration.

Bottom Line

As to boost up your business productivity I share the most used and popular salesforce integration tools that make your integration process smooth, reduce the employee workload, train the sales professionals to give a fly boost in sales.

Hence, if you use better integration tools it eventually upgrades your Return on investment. If you want to integrate the salesforce tools you can also take the help of the Salesforce Integration company to leverage the utmost benefits in your business.